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Hello kind neighbors + squirrels!

This is my first blog so holla at ya girl. This may also be my last but WOONANOO*

Apparently, you're supposed to have themes when you write blogs or film vlogs. I tried the vlog thing:

Then, I tried it a again. You know, I've accepted that emotionally + mentally I feel like a 13 year old boy. But, I can't get over the fact that I talk like one. As soon as I turn my camera on (I even bought a selfie stick) my voice becomes about 10x MORE MONOTONE than it already is. See, I don't have to worry about that in the ~blog~ because of caps lock.

Here's a picture of me:

It's from a couple years back, but I still look the same for the most part.

What to expect on Noelani Mei's Le Blog:

+ Once it Goes Awkward - yes I'm bringing it back! This was the column I wrote in High School basically teaching all the middle schoolers how to be cool! Just Kidding. This was the article that everyone read and realized that they don't have it so bad because Noelani is about 25x more awkward than they are.

+ Dating App Updates - I would say *dating updates* but then we'd have nothing here. SO over the summer I will be collecting very informative analytics based on my observations on several dating apps. Stay tuned.

+ Mental Health Posts - On a serious note, I have struggled immensely with my mental health. Specifcally with eating disorders and depression. I will post more about my experiences on Le Blog; however, I will never go into complete detail because 1) I'm not ready to and 2) it could be harmful to others.

+ Animal Sightings - not much to explain here. Just gonna be pics of all my animal friends.

Here is a squirrel I saw once. I call the image "Squirrel, Interrupted."

Thanks for tuning in everyone!!

xx Noelani

*WOONANOO is an expression used to reiterate "Whatever," "Back off H8ers," "Imma be me," and "Fuck off."

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